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Women In Caskets Pictures How Come We Never See ARMY Casket Pictures?

How come we never see ARMY casket pictures? - women in caskets pictures

When a soldier dies, not only in the Army, the U.S. sent in an airplane. You are in his coffin is draped with the American flag. How do you see photos of this? I saw a picture once and it was a great spectacle, but sad. It broke my heart that men and women have died, but the sight of flags in a perfect location, it was very peaceful and beautiful. The image made me proud to be Americans. However, if you search for images that never recovered. How about all parts of the war, unless it? If you have lost a family member, you want to be seen pictures like this from the public, or is it better to find extremely difficult to see how the current situation?

God Bless America!


Katie said...

For it is disrespectful. We can, if we want the advertising ... And I do not want my husband's coffin into the public eye, I want everyone to know that he died for them, but not his body or his coffin ... I find it very disrespectful.

Proud Air Force wife.

Kro ko dil Gena said...

Nothing like pictures of dead soldiers in coffins to undermine public support for the war.

SNR Bush (during the first Gulf War) and the Pentagon has acknowledged this fact and it is forbidden to see these images.

He has, out of respect for the dead and respect for the mourning, as they say, and as many have said here they have done to the attention of the aid will be displaced from the actual costs of war.

Obama has had lifted the ban.

Otto said...

Bush not as a form of respect for the dead. He did it to draw the attention of a growing number of war victims. No identification of who show in the coffin of the American flag, that the members of the U.S. military is obsolete.

Yak Rider said...

Confidentiality and respect. Only a psychopath is low given the sacrifices at home in coffins.

When my son came home in a coffin, to take better pictures than shoes for everyone on the right path. Because if you catch him / she gives me a brutal blow down.

Melissa Me said...

In fact, the Bush administration had pictures or videos are prohibited. The ban has been cited this year or a couple of years. I just know it is legal.

I am sure that Google is not some problems if you try.

Buckeye Bill said...

The shooting of the fallen U.S. soldiers are allowed, but the sensational news not so sad that most film crews have migrated to greener areas for hunting.

Metroguy said...

The DoD policy now allows the next of kin to decide whether the photograph at Dover AFB or not. Obviously, many do not know allow for personal reasons.

Salty said...

B / C lowers the morale of the troops.

Mr. Lover Lover said...

The pictures are not the mothers of their children died in the news.,

firewome... said...

The Bush regime did not appear. Our current president has changed for this purpose .*

jeeper_p... said...

Well, actually passed a law in the 1980s, long before Bush

A ban on the media from Andrews Air Force Base on the return of mortal remains.

Cry the liberals said it must be demonstrated.

If Obama was elected, which amended the law and said that families could make the right choice.

Now, for the first time a family has decided to allow the media, the media, who came back and fired.

But now, two things happen.

1. Families do not want the media in order to suck the blood of the hotel.

2. And the media does not appear, even if you can, because the body back, Obama, they look bad.

You must understand that the media wanted to show only the soldiers who return to have the political damage to Bush, do not take care of the soldiers as a whole.

That is why the media can now film, have opted not !!!!!

私のパンツを食べ... said...

The ban does not show pictures of coffins draped with flags in the media was created in 1991 by the Department of Defense to life. In April 2005, the Department of Defense had released pictures of the return of the soldiers remains (San Francisco Chronicle, April 6, 2005 edition)
This practice has nothing to do with President Bush, and of course, not Obama. The media have been all hot and bothered to show the flag on coffins while Bush was in power, but he has interest because Obama is now the White House lost. Google and you can find photos of coffins, "he said.

HDH said...

These images were banned by the previous administration.

This ban was lifted today, but few families take advantage of the media to their relatives.

It's quite different in Britain: The ceremonies are for the presence of the public and on television are often partially released.

I can not imagine what I want, if I have lost a loved one. God forbid. I think people are suspecting that they know that someone had, at least the highest price paid should not continue in their lives without knowing that my one died in military service to make love, not that ever existed.

But it's just me.

Eagle1 Fox2 said...

Under previous administrations were the photos of those killed left behind the censorship, not to prevent it to a media feeding frenzy. Ordered to do so would give families a little more privacy in the period of mourning.

Conspiracy theorists say this is are preventing the true nature of war is not represented in the motion, which may have some merit. It can be demoralizing for those who see the images live from the dead. Also during operation, we like things in that direction. With the loss of human life, transportation for medical evacuation, transportation of life never / injury and death. Whenever possible, we appeal if load other transport rather than the package together in one.

But lately, many of these measures have changed and now, with a FOIA request, you can find pictures of them.

If change is good or bad opinion of each individual.

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